Published by the Technology Transfer and Promotion Office (TTPO) of ESA, the objective of the work is to perform a critical assessment of the ESA patent portfolio for commercialization of the portfolio outside the space sector and thereby help the TTPO to focus its efforts on the most promising technologies for exploitation.

ESA maintains a portfolio of some 150 inventions protected by some 450 patents or patent applications with the main objective to protect the interests of the European Space industry. The Technology Transfer Programme (TTP) is in charge of looking at potential applications of the inventions in other fields in order to make sure that they are exploited to their full potential. TTP undertakes commercialization activities with a view to contracting research and/or commercial license agreements on the patents. In addition, the TTP, as a member of the Patent Groups (ESA internal body which
recommends whether or not to protect an invention and to extend or drop the
protection), has to provide inputs regarding the commercialization potential
of the technology. Both for protection and the commercialization aspects of the invention, the TTP has to study each individual technology and concepts covered by its

The price range for the work is estimated at between €100 000 and €200 000. The deadline for bids is 5 September 2012. To obtain the tender documents you will need to register with ESA’s EMITS invitation to tender system at

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