ProTon Europe’s annual convention will take place in Liège, Belgium from 19 to 21 September on the theme of  “From Technology Transfer to Knowledge Exchange: a key role for KTOs in the Horizon 2020 agenda”.  The programme will focus on two main themes:

  • fostering the evolution of the profession from a pure TT approach to a wider exchange of knowledge within TTOs and with all university stakeholders, government, research centres and industry;
  • the role of TTOs in providing improved systems and methodologies for knowledge generation, capture and transfer both within FP7 and the forthcoming successor programme, Horizon 2020.

The programme features attractions such as a pre-conference workshop for national KT associations, a keynote speaker in the person of Brett Cornwell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Commercialization at the Texas A&M University System, contributions by regional government ministers and leading KT practitioners from around Europe as well as a visit to the exhibition “Golden Sixties: I was 20 in 1960” at the landmark Guillemins railway station, followed by Belgian beer tasting.

The full conference programme and information on fees and hotel accommodation can be found on the ProTon Europ website at

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