Regional Innovation Monitor 2013-2014 – RIM plus

The European Commission wishes to conclude a service contract for the regional innovation monitor 2013–2014 called RIM Plus with the aim to provide facts and data as well as a policy learning platform about regional innovation policies and performances, based on the experience of the regional innovation monitor project 2010–2012. The deadline for submitting an offer is 31 August 2012.

European Innovation Scoreboards

The purpose of this service contract is to provide the European, national and regional policymakers, innovation practitioners and all interested public with a solid, EU-wide analytical tool to help monitor, measure and benchmark the innovation performance of the European Union, individual Member States and their regions as well as EU’s associated countries and other key international economic partners. The contract’s results contribute to the implementation of the Europe 2020 Innovation Union flagship objectives. The deadline for submitting an offer is 3 September 2012.

Business Innovation Observatory

The European Commission wishes to conclude a service contract to develop a Business Innovation Observatory. The Business Innovation Observatory is a three-year project with the aim to provide European policy makers on a regular basis with analysis and intelligence on latest novel business and industrial innovation trends, activities and models. The analytical emphasis will be placed on business micro-perspective in relation to the macro institutional, political, socio-economic, legal and policy context. The analysis will be complemented by the development of appropriate policy recommendations at European and national levels. The tool should be seen as complementary to quantitative analytical instruments, most notably to the Commission’s European Innovation Scoreboards. The deadline for this call is 10 September 2012.

Call information and access to documents and links can be found at the following web page and click on the relevant call announcement:

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