EPOAt the annual ceremony held this year in Amsterdam on 28 May, the European Patent Office announced the winners of the European Inventor Award 2013, which honours outstanding inventors for their contribution to social, economic and technological progress.

The 2013 awards, which have gone to outstanding inventors from Austria, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and the US, were presented in five categories, in addition to the Popular Prize. The categories and winners are:

  • Lifetime Achievement: Martin Schadt (Switzerland), inventor of the world’s first flat-panel liquid crystal display, better known as LCD;
  • Industry: Claus Hämmerle and Klaus Brüstle (Austria) for their invention of a damper system for soft closing of furniture doors, drawers and wall cabinets;
  • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Pal Nyrén (Sweden) for inventing pyrosequencing, a faster, less complicated and cheaper method of sequencing DNA strands;
  • Research: an Franco-Italian team at Université Paris-Sud for their invention of nano-capsules which destroy cancer cells without harming healthy tissue;
  • Non-European Countries: Ajay V. Bhatt, Bala Sudarshan Cadambi, Jeff Morriss, Shaun Knoll, Shelagh Callahan (USA) for creating and developing Universal Serial Bus (USB) technology.
  • Last but not least, the Popular Prize went to José Luis Lopez Gomez (Spain) for his invention to use a unique ‘independent guided’ wheel design on high-speed passenger trains.

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