The Budapest-based company Biopolus Technológiák Zrt. is one of the three Hungarian SMEs selected for funding after the evaluation of the first cut-off date of Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 1. More than 2 600 project proposals were submitted from all over Europe, with finally only 6% of them (i.e. 155 projects) being selected for funding. Spain and the United Kingdom had the highest number of successful projects selected, while only 3 of the 166 proposals submitted from Hungary passed the mark (lower than 2% success rate).

In this innovation project elaborated and submitted with the help of TII member LC Innoconsult International, Biopolus Technológiák Zrt. will bring to market a high-yield, highly automated aeroponic plant cultivation system which is suitable for resource-efficient, high-quality vegetable and fruit production and independent of weather conditions, thanks to the use of nutrient mist. In this phase the company will receive a €50,000 grant, amounting to 70% funding, to finance a feasibility study for the project. The chances of participating in Phase 2 of the SME Instrument, which would support the development and finalization of the technology and the actual implementation of the project, are in principle promising too.

Contact: Kálmán Buscai, LC Innoconsult, bucsai.kalman@lcinnoconsult.comLC Innoconsult

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