GII_2014_Front CoverThe World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in collaboration with Cornell University and the Business School INSEAD, has just published the seventh edition of the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2014. It covers 143 economies around the world and uses 81 indicators across a range of themes.

This year’s GII explores the role of the individuals and teams behind the innovation process. It sheds light on different aspects of human capital required to achieve innovation, including skilled labour; the intersection of human, financial and technological capital; talent retention; and the mobilization of highly educated people.” The 2014 top ten leaders are:

  1. Switzerland (N° 1 in 2013)
  2. United Kingdom (3)
  3. Sweden (2)
  4. Finland (6)
  5. Netherlands (4)
  6. United States of America (5)
  7. Singapore (8)
  8. Denmark (9)
  9. Luxembourg (12)
  10. Hong Kong (China) (7)

Regional trends in the GII 2014 show some interesting new aspects. The BRICS economies show some signs of divergence, with China improving at a significantly faster pace than its BRICS counterparts and India slipping behind. If China continues to improve at this pace, it would not be surprising to see the country progress from its current 29th position to the top 25 withing a few years. The divergence of India from the other BRICS economies is the result of the challenges it faces in integrating its efforts along the different dimensions of innovation to sustain a high level of innovation success.

Download the GII 2014 report or browse it by section at http://www.wipo.int/econ_stat/en/economics/gii/


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