European CommissionThe EASME (Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) website has published 6 lessons that the European Commission has learnt from the first evaluation exercise following the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument call and which they consider to be useful tips for future applicants.

Most of the non-selected proposals were:

  1. Too much focused on the project and not enough on the business opportunity;
  2. Not convincing when describing the company (you have to explain why your company will succeed and not your competitor);
  3. Not providing enough information on competing solutions;
  4. Having a too low level of innovation, planning to develop a product that already exists on the market;
  5. Proposing just an idea without any concept for its commercialisation;
  6. Just trying their luck (the SME Instrument is not a lottery!).

If you keep these 6 points in mind when drafting your proposal, you may have higher chances of succeeding. The next deadline for phase 1 is on 24 September 2014 (but the call is continuously open).


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