Entrepreneurail Universities conference Madrid 2014Recently, FORBES Magazine published its ‘2014 Most Entrepreneurial Universities List’, unfortunately only focusing on American institutions, and basing their ranking solely on the number of start-ups founded by university alumnis and students. However, Entrepreneurial Universities entail much more than just student start-ups, and it is not necessarily the highest ranked institutions that serve as the best examples to learn from.

UIINTo give more attention to the wide variety of activities, UIIN and UPM are hosting the Good Practice Entrepreneurial Universities Conference in Madrid from 29 September to 1 October 2014. Emphasizing the differences in institutional type, size and focus, more than 40 institutions from over 15 countries will present their good practice cases and concepts during this three-day event.

Making universities more entrepreneurial, more innovation-oriented and more engaged with their communities is a complex and long process. Where to start best than a good practice event , learning from the experiences of others who are taking a similar approach. The event will bring together 150 professionals interested in better understanding how to become more entrepreneurial. Focused on practical issues, the conference features more than 20 good practice case studies and 25+ concepts with additional workshops and tours.

Registration should be made as soon as possible at


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