Since the financial crisis, SMEs and start-ups have struggled to obtain funding and since banks are not lending as much as they used to and are more risk-averse, alternative sources are more than welcome. This month 16 accelerator projects launched open calls for Future Internet projects worth a total of €80 million over time on condition that the projects use FIWARE, an open-source, royalty free platform originally developed  through an EU public-private partnership.

soul-fi logoSOUL-FI is one of these 16 accelerators, in which TII is a partner, which focuses on innovative, web-based solutions (open data and crowd sourced data) for smarter urban life. The topics covered are quality of life, mobility, resource efficiency and tourism. Under the open call which was launched earlier this month, SOUL-FI provides start up funding and targeted support services to talented entrepreneurs for bringing new products (web based apps and services) to market.

Funding is available in two tranches:

  • Round A call for grants of € 10 000 to develop a feasibility study is open with a first cut-off date on 31 October 2014.
  • Round B call for grants of €75 000 to build a demonstrator (first cut-off date on 22 February 2015).

Interested applicants should initiate the fast and simple submission process via the online F6S platform at http://www.f6s.com/fiware-soul-fi

Further details are available at: http://soul-fi.ipn.pt/

Want to be updated? Register at LinkedIn:SOUL-FI Accelerator and/or Twitter: @SOULFI_FP7



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