Logo SUAFRI-EPCAarhus, Denmark’s second largest city and home to a number of centres of excellence in the agri-food sector, was the location of the first in a series of three technology transfer training courses and site visits to be organized under the EU-funded INCO project SUAFRI-EPC. Standing for “Supporting the Uptake of Agri-Food Research Results into Innovation with EPC countries”, the project aims to foster knowledge transfer between science and industry through networking, good practice exchange, bilateral pilot projects, institutional audits of tech transfer opportunities and bottlenecks as well as coaching of research exploitation projects in the target countries – Armenia,  Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine.

The 2014 technology transfer training course was hosted by TII member Danish Technological Institute from 29 September to 3 October in their newly refurbished conference facilities, while the site visits were hosted by the Agro Food Park and the INCUBA Science Park. Altogether 25 people attended the good practice exchange events, 17 from the target EPC countries and 8 other EU delegates from the TII network for the purpose of increased networking and knowledge exchange.Class of Aarhus 2014The 5 one-day training workshops on technology transfer and innovation support methodologies were delivered by TII members, Peter Mogyorosi (LC Innonconsult, Hungary), Henning Sejer Jakobsen (DTI, Aarhus), Max Nielsen (Maxinno, Aarhus), Magnus Klofsten (Linköping University, Sweden) and Gillian McFadzean (Helix Advisory Services, Scotland).   For the first time in 13 years of delivering this kind of training, two of our regular trainers were able to deliver their workshop in their home city!

After a successful experiment in 2010 in Vilnius, Magnus Klofsten once again delivered his Business Platform workshop with the active participation of 5 local entrepreneurs who offered the attendees the possibility to try out the BP model on their early stage businesses. In return, the entrepreneurs received a snapshot from the 5 working groups on how well they were performing in relation to the Business Platform model.

During the 2-day site visits, the group was treated to an impressieve programme of presentations of organizations working in the agri-food sector, comprising

  • a food park,
  • a public-private partnership in the food science area
  • the Danish food cluster
  • company innovator in food sector
  • centre of expertise
  • consumer observatory
  • cross-border innovation centre
  • science park
  • from lab to limited company
  • public-private research commercialization project

Our thanks go to all the participants for their lively and active participation, our hosts for their warm welcome and for lending us their excellent meeting facilities, the trainers and presenters for sharing their know-how and experience and to the SUAFRI-EPC consortium members, in particuclar Eugenia  Krasnopjorova of Dianova, for their enthusiastic support.

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