CoachCom2020The online platform and community, which will  bring together the mentors and coaches working to support the beneficiaries of Horizon 2020 SME Instrument funding, was launched at the Enterprise Europe Network annual conference in Turin in mid-October. The CoachCom2020 partnership, which includes TII, held its first meeting with more than 20 EEN Key Account Managers (KAMs) to discuss the methodology that will be used to initiate contact with the SME beneficiaries, prior to their being assigned a qualified coach.

As a first step, the EEN KAM located in the same region as the SME beneficiary will be responsible for carrying out a brief needs analysis with the SME management in order to determine the company’s priorities in terms of business innovation coaching. Then the EEN KAM will consult the profiles of coaches in the coaches database which match the SME’s needs and present the company with a short list of potentially suitable coaches. The final choice of coach lies with the SME, who may also decide to decline the coaching support from the beginning.

The CoachCom2020 partners also presented the web-based case tracker system (interim model) which will allow both mentors and coaches and EASME (SME Executive Agency) to follow progress in each coaching assignment. SME beneficiaries may benefit from 3 days coaching under Phase 1 of the SME Instrument and up to 12 days coaching under Phase 2. Another meeting will be organized in December, this time with the coaches which have been selected to coach the 155 projects which were selected after the first cut-off date of the SME Instrument Phase 1.

Coaches may register with the database on an ongoing basis at



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