wim-van-haverbekeWim Vanhaverbeke, Jim Cheng and Henry Chesbrough have just completed a study about the typical profile of an open innovation manager in a large company.

Open innovation is widely used in large companies and we know increasingly more about how to manage this process. In contrast, we know virtually nothing about the managers and practitioners who are driving open innovation in large companies. Who are the managers operating in open innovation teams or units? What is their profile? How long do they stay in an open innovation job, and what is their tenure in the company? Where did they work before their open innovation job, and more interestingly, where do they go afterwards? Do they leave or do they stay in the company? Are they promoted and what is the likelihood of a promotion if they leave the company?

The authors try to answer these questions based on an investigation of open innovation managers on LinkedIn. They traced open innovation managers in leading multinational companies who had been responsible for open innovation in one of the selected companies during the period 2010-2012. (Focusing on a specific period was necessary to obtain a reasonable estimation of the time these managers were responsible for open innovation and to understand what they do after their open innovation job.) This process led to a sample of 158 managers.

You can read more about their conclusions at

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