TII launched its new website earlier this month with its novel star service “My Commercialization Expert” in prominent position. Restyled as the research commercialization hub, the website aims to put the focus on the innovation and commercialization support skills and services of its members and other international experts. Its ambition is to build the database into the largest international pool of innovation support and technology transfer experts which can be tapped into by clients in the research, corporate and innovation support fields.

Registration in the database is offered free of charge to TII members, while independent experts pay a modest sign-up fee of €50. At a time when voluntary associations, like TII, are under pressure to demonstrate value for money and in an era of budget cuts and a preference for the social media for professional networking, TII is taking the jump to test a new business model. For each new business assignment or project obtained thanks to My Commercialization Expert, the expert will be invited to make a donation to TII to the tune of 5% of the value of the contract up to a maximum of €500.

Come and visit us at http://www.tii.org/en/home and sign up as an expert!


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