As elections to the European Parliament are fast approaching in the 28 member states of the European Union, EurActiv took a look back at some of the memorable moments of the European Parliament’s last five years. They were:

1. Commissioner Cañete in the spotlight

On 1 October 2014, the Parliament was close to blocking the nomination of the Spanish Commissioner for climate action and energy. Miguel Arias Cañete had to apologize for his sexist remarks and clarify a possible conflict of interest with his oil industry past.

2. A UKIP altercation that ended badly

On 6 October 2016, MEP Steven Woolfe, then favourite to lead the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), was hospitalised in serious condition in Strasbourg following an altercation during a party meeting on the sidelines of a plenary session in the European Parliament.

3. Sexist outburst of Polish MEP

In March 2017, Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke, defended the wage gap between men and women during a plenary session. He justified it citing the “inferiority” of women. “Of course women must be paid less than men, because they are weaker, smaller and less intelligent,” he said. He was sanctioned before he resigned.

4. Parliament sets its red lines for Brexit

The EU Parliament decided in April 2017 that the priorities for the Brexit divorce agreement are the legal status of Brits living in the EU (and vice versa) and the new external borders with special treatment for Northern Ireland, so as not to jeopardise the peace process.

5. Farewell to Europe’s parents: Helmut Kohl and Simone Veil

On 1 July 2017, world leaders such as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev and former US President Bill Clinton all came to Strasbourg to pay homage to former German leader Helmut Kohl. A key player in European integration, he died a few days before Simone Veil, the European Parliament’s first president and symbol of European feminism and anti-Semitism.

6. Juncker lashes out at an empty Parliament

The presence of only 30 out of 751 MEPs in the European Parliament during the speech of the Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on 4 July 2017, prompted Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to criticise the Parliament for being “ridiculous”, triggering a brief interinstitutional crisis.

7. Zuckerberg apologises to Europe

Facebook President Mark Zuckerberg apologised during his public testimony – broadcast online – before the chairmen of the European Parliament’s political groups on 22 May 2018. He had already done so before the US Senate a month earlier following the massive data leak at Cambridge Analytica, which had an influence on the Brexit vote.

8. Launching the #Metoo blog

In October 2018, a group of European Parliament employees launched the “MetooEP” blog, where victims of sexual harassment or sexist behaviour can tell their stories anonymously. The EU Parliament took measures in response to the blog and to prevent future harassment of this kind.

9. Tajani’s controversial statements on Mussolini

On 13 March 2019, the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, had to apologise for his words in which he stated that everything the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini had done was not bad. According to him, it was a misunderstanding.

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